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Lough Crew and other attractions!

I have to admit I do sometimes suffer lifestyle envy when I read about other bloggers weekends. My weekends don’t have a glossy patina to them. This weekend though in between food shopping, hoovering and seeing Santa arrive, we did go on an adventure to Loughcrew Cairns.

Loughcrew Cairns are a collection of megalithic passage graves, a smaller version of Newgrange. Unlike Newgrange, Loughcrew is a well kept secret. The cairns are around 4000 years old.

Anything heritage-y is rightly protected and tightly controlled. There’s a visitor centre or a museum or at the very least OPW staff! It’s hard to get a real sense of history when there are busloads of people alongside you. Loughcrew is very different.

During the summer there are staff on hand but this time of year, it’s just you.

We had a gorgeous lunch at the coffee shop. You have to collect the key for the cairn from the coffee shop and take a drive uphill, then walk up to the top of a hill for about two very mucky kilometres. The only cairn that is accessible is Cairn T, it’s kept locked so you open it up and go in by yourself. It’s wonderful to be alone in Cairn T.

My three year old managed the hill and the torch. He loved it and so did we. There is a small entrance passage leading into the main chamber which has three tiny chambers off it. Cairn T Is aligned with the sunrise at Spring and Autumn Equinox and you can see the sunlight hitting the carving of the sun at the back of the cairn.

You’ll need decent boots with a grip and a torch!





It’s beginning to look a lot like…..

I know it’s far too early to acceptably bring up the C word but who can resist watching the big man himself arrive at my local shopping centre by helicopter? Not my children, anyway…..


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